• Heatly
  • March 2019
Services Provided
  • Brand Design and Concept
  • Branding Documentation
  • Market Research
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Vehicle Livery Design

The mission.

The client was struggling with his brand. He had an amazing concept for his business but, as he states himself, was going ‘brand blind’ trying to pull together a name and overall look and feel for his idea.

I was asked to provide some business consultation and see where I could take it.

During the project, I delivered detailed market research and created a brand strategy, brand name and logo for him to build out his business model. This included creative copywriting for the brand story and an appealing, modern focus for his target audience.

Brand vision.

To deliver the perfect product that delivers
to the exact specification of the customer,
with no friction, no hassles and great feedback.

Building the brand through copywriting and creative strategy.

Heatly is one of the UK’s leading, truly independent, supply and fit central heating boiler companies. We provide a zero fuss, zero friction compare, source, supply and fit service for every UK household. Centrally sourced, installed within 48 hours and fully supported by our network of local, accredited gas safe engineers.

No inspection visit.

No hidden charges.

Just heat. No sweat.

Visualising the brand on vehicles.

The depth of research Andy carried out into my target market, their interests and the industry as a whole was amazing. The new branding presented was so much more than just a logo – the thought put into the future marketing, brand ethos and marketing strategies has been impressive. The passion he has shown for my vision is outstanding.

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