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  • Premier Cru Fine Wines
  • March 2020 - present
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The mission

I have worked with long term client, Premier Cru, to keep their digital design, website content and social marketing on brand.

The mission, during the tough recent times caused by Covid and the huge drop in the hospitality trade, was to create new campaigns aimed at more local consumer based sales.

What was done to help

I implemented a new CRM system and began email marketing to attract direct consumer buyers, which was an aside for a business usually focused on the hospitality industry.

By utilising MailChimp, their email list has increased significantly to provide a solid new public-based income stream which we are building as the weeks go by.

We increased the list by hundreds during a short space of time, at the start of Covid, many which have proven to be long term buyers for Premier Cru’s excellent wines. I also designed a new Wine Club to convert users into more regular buyers, increasing individual spend per capita by 30%.

This was supported by social marketing campaigns and ads through the Meta portal, recently pushing sustainability in the winemaking industry, whilst increasing the number of wines sold in the online shop by 25%.


The client survived an extremely tricky situation that saw thousands of pubs, bars and restaurants go out of business.

Now coming out the other side, Premier Cru are back in a strong position to grow as a business again.

The number of wines onsite expands regularly and Premier Cru’s range is very large, offering both wholesale and consumer clients an exciting choice of wine across the budget range.

Andy has been doing my Marketing and Social Media since March 2020 (start of Lockdown) when he saved my business going from large turnover to zero, as we supplied wine to the hospitality industry. He did some amazing marketing using social media and other tools gaining us hundreds of new private customers giving us enough sales to survive.

Since then he has done various campaigns going above and beyond what I was expecting every time.

I could go on and on but let’s just say he is one of the best.

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