Yorkshire by Design

Building a Creative Community for Yorkshire’s Creatives

  • Yorkshire by Design
  • Feb 2020 - March 2023
Services Provided
  • Strategy, Idea and Concept
  • UX, Design and Technology
  • Video Production and Content
  • Mobile App Development
  • Social Media & Performance Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing Plan and Business Model Writing
  • Product Design
  • Photography

The mission

To creative a digital platform built to support expanding creative businesses in Yorkshire.

YbD is provide a clear pathway to success for smaller designers, makers and creative companies by means of expert, tailored business brand, marketing and social media guidance, unique, inspirational content, increased brand awareness/sales and a customer-centric philosophy.

Writing an ‘elevator pitch’

We help nurture the creative excellence of Yorkshire’s designers, makers and fledgling creatives. We tell their story; help them collaborate with like-minds and learn/share new business skills.

We hold our members hands whilst guiding them along an effective pathway to success via a stimulating blend of expert advice, unique tailored content and online brand, social and marketing tools.

Building the brand

Building the concept

The concept was built around Amy, a fashion designer who was struggling to find the time to work on her fledgling business.

She is brilliant as a designer, but lacks the in-depth knowledge to take on additional projects to grow her business.

Finding a partner is what Amy needs. Yorkshire by Design is that partner.

A video was the way to introduce the concept and explain the benefits Yorkshire by Design will provide. Amy is from Yorkshire, so the voice over has a female Yorkshire accent and a stylised illustrative approach fits the brand. This is a thread throughout the video and App build, as well as other marketing collateral.

Social Media Advertising.

Generating Results

The test social media campaign generated 225 sign-up enquiries in just two weeks. 

Social following increased by 270% month on month and engagement with Yorkshire’s creatives expanded exponentially.

This was an immense undertaking which was painstakingly researched, developed and designed to the highest quality. The initial results were an immediate sign of the brand scope and reach.

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