December 16, 2022 Andy Driver

Given the increasing dependence on visually compelling website images and engaging social media pictures, it’s important to understand the role and purpose of photography for your business.

It’s never been easier to go to an online library of stock photos and download some free or paid-for stock images, that can help to communicate your service or product. Be careful, you will be using the same images as many other businesses. And, in doing that, you will – inadvertently – be failing to communicate the uniqueness and personality of your business.

Be authentic

One of the central rules of business photography is to develop a series of images that communicate the authenticity and originality of your business. The images that you create and display will quickly become part of the uniqueness of your proposition.

Think about some of the best websites you have seen across your business market.  Was it the authenticity of their images that made them more memorable, or their forgettable phone or stock shots?

Photography is an asset

So, it’s important to develop a suite of imagery which best represents your business. Be sure to understand the commercial value of photography.

We’re all photographers, right?

In every mobile phone there is now a high-resolution camera, a variety of lens settings and an array of editing effects.  So, it’s tempting to believe that each of us is a frustrated photojournalist, able to capture the strongest, most compelling images.

Most (but not all) of us can manage to achieve reasonable images but it’s vital that you don’t underestimate the role and value of a professional approach.  A photographer can help to create a series of well-considered, well-composed and well-lit images which will become a strong portfolio for your business.

A professional photographer will bring expertise, insight and creativity and propel your imagery beyond where you imagine it can be taken.

The value of a professional eye

With a strong eye for composition, shape and detail, a professional photographer can be worth their weight in gold and will of course enable you to focus on running your business, rather than a photoshoot.

However, whether you are taking your own photographs or relying on a professional photographer, it’s often more economic to shoot more pictures than you need right now. If you’re planning on taking some product shots, why not take photographs of your premises, machinery, people, including quirky details that illustrate your brand.

Build for the future

Create a strong library that you can lean on for future marketing or promotional activities. Photography has the annoying habit of always being required straight away, for example, to support a press release, or when a business partner generously decides to feature you on their site at short notice.

In these circumstances, it’s important to have images that you can pull from the shelf in an instant rather than have to set up a new photoshoot.

Also, by taking additional pictures now, for use in the future, you will achieve some economies of scale, in terms of the effort required to establish your library of business images.


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