Cricket Green

Bringing together sport and climate crisis with an experience that will change your perception of sports, climate change and dance.

  • Balbir Singh Dance Company
  • June - July 2023
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The mission

To conceptualise, and bring new ideas to, a celebration of preserving nature alongside the universal language of cricket.

BSDC was commissioned to create a production in the heart of Bradford, at the City Water Park. It’s mission is blend contemporary western dance and classical Indian Kathak with the art and effortless grace of test cricket.

Of all the sports cricket is at the forefront of feeling the impact of climate change with matches cancelled due to many environmental related reasons from poor light to too much heat, rain and wind all making it difficult to play and spectate.

Cricket Green is a refreshed take on being human, celebrating dance and preserving the planet.

I am thrilled to be involved in this project and a sport I love.

Building the concept

Telling the story

How has our climate affected the way cricket is played around the globe?

A shared affinity for cricket and an interest in climate change and its impact on local communities brought together Balbir Singh (director) and Nick Ahad (dramaturg) to discuss a creative approach to tackle the issues of climate change through cricket games in Bradford, resulting in a final performance, *Cricket Green* at the City Park Mirror Pool.

Do we want to be playing on a field of ashes if we don’t react to climate change?

Cricket is already feeling the effects of a planet that is heating up. Scientific studies have shown the fingerprints of climate change on the heatwave that in 2017/2018 impacted youth matches in Australia, Storm Desmond in 2015-16 that washed away 1 Appleby and Eden Cricket Club in Cumbria, England and the drought that plagued Cape Town during the 2017/2018 Indian cricket tour of South Africa.

And the science says the impacts will worsen significantly.

Promotional documentation

Andy has a great skill set as a conceptual designer working collaboratively to bring the company’s vision to life with original ideas, a fast pace of operation and easygoing nature.

Collaborating with Andy has been an absolute pleasure. Committed to the work, he really took ownership of the design to make things happen. He helped shape our ideas and was always open to feedback which made our work easier.

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